We hope you will use our many wonderful parks. Five of the parks are City Parks and are managed by the City of Missoula (Jeffrey, Nicole, Brooke Lynn, Rainbow and Whitetail). ULVHA assists in the maintenance of Brooke Lynn. The other three (Kelsey, Bridge and Scotty) are County Parks that are managed by our Homeowners Association under an informal arrangement with Missoula County. County Parks are maintained through a Rural Special Improvement District (RSID) and contributions from our Homeowners Association.

Jeffrey Park

  • Access from Alisha Drive and Joy Drive
  • Soccer and Baseball backstops, tables, benches, level terrain

Brooke Lynn Park

  • Access from Jeff Drive near Upper Miller Creek Road
  • Open area, level terrain

Kelsey Park

  • Access from Christian Drive and Scott Allen Drive
  • Swings, slide, jungle gym, sand volleyball area, mostly level terrain

Nicole Park

  • Access from Linda Vista Blvd. and Scott Allen Drive
  • Slide, swings, basketball court, tables, benches, moderately sloped terrain

Bridge Park

  • Access from (upper) Scott Allen Drive and Nicole Court at cull de sacs
  • Open area with level and sloped terrain areas

Scotty Park

  • Access from Jamie Ann Drive and DJ Drive
  • Open area, mostly sloped terrain

Rainbow Park

  • Access from Linda Vista Blvd.
  • Various playground features, tables, benches, some level terrain but mostly steep terrain

Whitetail Park

  • Access from Linda Vista Blvd. and Paul Lane
  • Open area and tables, level terrain

Park Rules

Complete regulations for City and County Park can be found on their respective websites:

Alcohol in Parks.

Community Planning Services - Park Rules

If you see behavior that violates a park rule and causes damage to park property or is a danger to any person, please call 911 and include the name of the Park, street location and whether it is a City or a County Park. If you see a maintenance issue or a minor violation(s) with park rules you can contact City Park and Rec Department for City Parks and use the Contact Us Button on this website for County Parks. For example, if you see an unauthorized motor vehicle driving in a park, call 911. Or, if you see a sprinkler head shooting water into the air, contact either Park and Rec (City Parks) or our HOA through the "Contact Us" button (County Parks) as soon as practical.

Please pick up your dog's droppings.

It is illegal to drive a motorized vehicle in any park without specific authorization. This includes snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks and anything else with a motor. Motorized equipment has been authorized for lawn and other park maintenance, including snow removal.


Because the parks are located adjacent to area homes, please be thoughtful when parking. Please don't block driveways or mailbox access. Because the parks are always a main draw for children, please exercise extreme caution when driving.

Pets in Parks

Pets and people need to work together to keep Upper Linda Vista parks clean. City ordinances require that dogs be on leashes in city parks and that pet owners remove their pet's waste from the park. To report an animal problem in a city park, call City/County Animal Control at 541-7387.

Open Spaces

Open space below Joy Drive and Brook Lynn Court is private property with a conservation easement. Public access is ONLY from designated locations from these streets and ONLY on designated trails. All motorized vehicles are prohibited. Any other access requires permission from the property owner.

We hope that you enjoy your parks!