When are Upper Linda Vista Homeowners Association dues paid?

Annual homeowner dues of $60 are assessed on April 1st each year. Please mail payment of the invoice to ULVHA, P.O. Box 4712, Missoula, MT 59806. Please be sure to include the address of the home on the memo line of the check. If dues are not paid by May 31st, an additional $60 assessment is charged for a total of $120.

How are HOA dues used?

Annual HOA dues are used to monitor and enforce covenants and to provide maintenance of specific common areas.

How do I contact the ULVHA?

Visit our website at www.upperlindavista.com and submit your concerns, questions, and contact information by accessing the 'Contact Us' page.

How do I determine what the covenants are for my property?

You should receive a copy of your covenants when closing on the purchase of your home. If you did not receive this information or have a question about the covenants for your property address, please complete the form on the Contact Us page.

What happens if a covenant is violated?

When violations occur, notice of the violation is sent via mail. If the violation is not corrected a second notice is sent. If after two notices the violation is not corrected, a third notice is sent with an assessment of $100. Any additional violation assessments in the same calendar year have a penalty of $200.

What about accessory dwelling units?

The ULVHA covenants prohibit accessory dwelling units, converting a home into a duplex or renting basements as apartments. Tourist homes (VRBO, AIRBNB, etc.) do NOT comply with the ULVHA covenants and therefore are not allowed. Tourist homes within the city of Missoula require registration that include notice to homeowners within 150 feet of the proposed tourist home. If a ULV homeowner has been notified of a prospective tourist home application, the Board requests to be notified. The ULVHA is committed to enforcing the covenants in this neighborhood.

What do I do if I want to make architectural or landscaping modifications to my property?

If you are considering any modification to the exterior of your home, you need to obtain approval in advance from the Architectural Control Committee. Please use the 'Contact Us' page to submit a description of the proposed modification. Examples of modifications that require advance approval are fencing, storage shed, larger driveway, patio, deck, solar panels, and color scheme of the house or roof. Any landscaping improvement that is not "traditional" for our neighborhood must receive advance approval. Traditional landscaping means primarily lawn, with complementary rock/chip areas containing shrubs/flowers/trees. If you have questions regarding a landscaping change or improvement, please contact Board member Terry Johnson at (406) 251-9954.

What are the requirements for the exterior maintenance (including Landscaping) of my property?

Lawns must be kept green, mowed, and trimmed on a regular basis throughout the growing season. Hedges should be trimmed to the heights allowed by specific covenants of your area. Weeds must be controlled throughout your property. Each Supplement has specific covenants regarding the number of trees for your property. Please see the requirements for your location, www.upperlindavista.com. Missoula's Urban Forestry has information regarding appropriate trees for our area, www.ci.missoula.mt.us. Please check your property for accumulations of items that should be stored out of public view. This includes, lawn maintenance equipment, ladders, construction materials, trash containers, etc.

What are the requirements for recreational vehicles on my property?

Recreational vehicles, utility trailers, boats and, non- operational vehicles, may be parked on, or in front of, your property for 24 hours. The Fifth Supplement has provisions that differ. Covenant violations can result in monetary assessments and/or further action.

What are some of the property issues that are NOT handled by the HOA?

Potholes: Winter can be terribly hard on the streets within our area. Please report potholes and similar road maintenance concerns to the city at www.ci.missoula.mt.us/FormCenter .

Furry Friends: Upper Linda Vista Homeowners Association covenants require dogs and cats be leashed when outside your property and cannot be an annoyance to neighbors, in accordance with city ordinances. If you have an issue with a neighbor's pet, please discuss the issues with your neighbor. If the discussion doesn't mitigate the issues, you can contact Missoula City Animal Control. The ULVHOA Board does not mediate pet issues.All
dogs should be licensed. Information about the licensing process can be found at https://www.missoulacounty.us/government/health/health-department/animal-control/dog-licensing.

Snow Removal: Guidelines for snow removal from sidewalks and streets are established and managed by the City of Missoula and can be found at https://www.ci.missoula.mt.us/558/Snow-Removal. City Ordinances: The ULVHA covenants do not address many topics including city streets, sidewalks, parks, nuisance, pets, and noise. Missoula's municipal codes are comprehensive and available on the city website.

Who is responsible for snow removal near mailboxes?

The upkeep of the area surrounding the mailbox pods in the neighborhood is the responsibility of the homeowners using the mailboxes. Thank you to the volunteers who have cleared snow and sprinkled ice melt in winters past. Please know that the USPS will not deliver mail if they cannot access the mailboxes in a safe manner. Let's each do our part in ensuring the mailbox area is cleared and safe for the users and the mail delivery.

What is the speed limit on our neighborhood streets?

Speed limits within the city limits, unless posted otherwise, is 25 mph. Please see the city website, www.ci.missou.mt.us for details. If there are concerns regarding traffic in the neighborhood, please contact the Traffic Unit of the Missoula City Police, call 406-552-6300 or email, MPD@ci.missoula.mt.us.

What is the policy on political yard signs?

The ULVHA covenants allow political campaign signs to be placed on a resident's lot, but only for a period of thirty days prior to the date of the election to which the sign pertains.

Who owns and maintains our neighborhood parks?

The neighborhood has many wonderful parks. Four of the parks are managed by the City of Missoula (Jeffrey, Nicole, Rainbow and Whitetail). Brooke Lynn Park is a city park that is maintained by ULVHA. The remaining three parks (Kelsey, Bridge, and Scotty) are county parks and are managed by our homeowners' association under an informal arrangement with Missoula County. County parks are maintained through a Rural Special Improvement District (RSID) and contributions from our homeowners' association. Complete regulations for City and County Parks can be found on their respective websites: www.ci.missoula.mt.us or www.missoulacounty.us